Edge Visionary Living welcomes the MRA Board’s decision to approve the revised development application for the Iconic Scarborough project.

As development managers for 3 Oceans, we wish to congratulate them on their success and vision for the Iconic Scarborough development and thank Managing Director, Dyno Zhang, for his determination and support throughout the journey.

It has been a lengthy process for all involved, with initial works on the Iconic Scarborough project commencing in September 2016. Edge Visionary Living would like to thank all of our stakeholders for their contribution in what has been a pro-active approach in obtaining a successful outcome. 

Whilst we were disappointed that the original proposal was refused in late 2017, we have worked hard to respond to the issues raised by the MRA through a collaborative, productive and rigorous mediation process.

The new design is reduced in scale, gives a higher level of consideration to its coastal location and has achieved ‘design excellence’ status from the Design Mediation Group.

The project has been held to a high level of accountability and we thank our team for their contributions and efforts in assisting with this significant milestone.

Iconic Scarborough will be a strategically important asset for WA. It will promote tourism, provide a new place for local people to enjoy, improve the accommodation offering, and create exciting new retail and food opportunities. Importantly it will create 2,200 jobs during construction and over 700 permanent jobs in Scarborough.

Early works are to commence immediately and construction to begin in January 2019.

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